Football: a modest proposal

When it restarts, only about three or four teams will stand a chance of winning the English 'Premier' league. More realistically, it'll be between two. Again.

At the other end of the table, another five teams will be fighting to avoid the financial disaster of relegation

Everyone else hopes to get into the UEFA cup and not too close to the bottom. The limit of their ambition is that they'll survive until something goes wrong and it's their turn for the drop.

And this is the 'best league in the world'??

So… abandon the idea that everyone plays everyone else twice and introduce a seeding element.

The top team from last season plays everyone away (everyone gets a visit from the champions) and plays everyone else in the top half two more times. Other top teams similarly get more high quality opposition in their matches.

At the other end, the newly promoted teams get a visit from the top team, but don't visit most of the top half. Instead, they play everyone else in the bottom half three times.

If you're the 'best' one year, you get the hardest matches next year. If you're not so good, you get easier ones.

You could also reverse the prize money, so that the bottom teams get the most (they clearly need it!)

Result: the teams at the top play each other more (what the punters want to see, plus the result is more likely to be decided by such matches, not who scrapes a 1-0 win against a bottom club and who only draws with them) ditto more 'six pointers' for the teams at the bottom.

It works for the NFL – the result of each season is genuinely in doubt each year, rather than being a succession of two horse races – so why not here?

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