Girls on film

We got a pr0n catalogue at work today, so I looked up some of the offerings on the censor's website.

The BBFC's guidelines on R18 films changed earlier this year – out went the shopping list of things that were or were not allowed, leaving five categories not allowed including what the police think they can get a conviction for under the Obscene Publications Act 1959.

In the past, they were taking police advice that female ejaculation was in fact urination and while the BBFC are happy (?) to have that, they're not happy for sexual activity to be happening at the same time. Apparently the Street & Panty Pisser series featured in the catalogue tends to lose running time for this reason.

But some of the new videos promising female ejaculation have been given R18 certs without being cut. IME, squirting doesn't happen without sexual activity, so…

… it looks to me that they're now allowing female ejaculation to be shown!

Anyone want to pay the expenses of finding out? 🙂

It's an interesting question as to why they ban urination + sex. There was a case which went to the Court of Appeal three years ago involving a website featuring scat (sexual shit play).

What I found interesting was that the jury had acquitted the defendant on all charges involving the 'members only' sections of the site, and only convicted because of the free preview video.

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