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Amongst my interests is naval combat. WWI is – for me anyway – particularly interesting.

So when two designers with good records produced Jutland on the largest clash of battleships in history, obviously I was interested.

Unfortunately, they've chosen to use some of the most annoying DRM ever: the game is tied to one PC, can't be backed up properly, and if it can't 'phone home' successfully every seven days, it stops working until it can. Erm, no thanks!

Almost incredibly for an outfit only selling a product online, the only two ways to contact them are by post or via creating an account on their 'ticket tracker' system and creating a ticket.

So l made a suggestion via it…

On my shelves are the boxes for The Age of Rifles, Age of Sail, and The Operational Art of War amongst others. I've bought games by you in the past, but I will not be buying this one.

I am interested in WWI (and indeed Russo-Japanese War) naval warfare, but as you are no doubt aware, the minute simulation of it has a limited audience.

Please do not insult us by treating us as thieves.

When I buy a game, I want to be able to play it wherever I am. Sometimes that is somewhere with no net connection. Sometimes that is on the laptop, sometimes on the desktop. I do not even want to have to lug a manual around for a game I know intimately.

Let me know when this DRM bug is removed and I'll buy it then. But not before.

You're selling it only via an online server. Why not personalise every copy sold – splatter the name etc of the purchaser throughout the program and data in various ways. Then if someone splashes it all over the net, you'll know who it was, as well as having their details to sue their ass.

Oh, having this and a postal address as the only ways I can find to contact you doesn't exactly make a good impression. Neither does having [more details on the 'licence validation'] as a broken link.

Ultimately, it's your business decision to do this. I hope the fact that I have jumped through several usually unnecessary hoops (like creating an account for a ticket tracking system) to tell you that it's my opinion it's a bad one will help change it…

Their response? To change the category of the ticket to 'mindless rant' and mark it as closed.

Yeah, that's good customer relations. Let's hope they go out of business when they will "most likely" release a version without the DRM bugs.

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