I feel like Simon Callow's in my new PC

I remembered this story today.

Simon was Mozart in the original production of Amadeus at the National Theatre. When Milos Forman was making the film, he met with Simon and said he 'obviously' couldn't cast him in the part (too uncommercial or something) but surely I can find you a part…?

Ah yes, Emanuel Schikaneder, who wrote the words for The Magic Flute as well as producing the first production – of course, who else?

Anyway, come the days of filming and Milos tells Simon he wants no acting! "Be natural!" he says, dozens of times when shooting the tiny section he's in the film. "H" says Simon under his breath each time, knowing that is what most of Europe call the note we call B (their B is our Bb).

Why remember this today?

Because the sodding Windows installer decided that the compact flash reader would be drive C. Clearly the two DVD drives would be D and E. Naturally, the other memory card readers are F and G.

So that leaves the drive the Windows system is on as H.


Memory is telling me the only way to change this is to go through the installation process again (possibly disconnecting the memory card reader first!) but is there a way to ensure it assigns letters how I want them, rather than semi-randomly?

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