Oh no, the supply of free money has dried up

If you use pre-pay oyster on London's transport network, you've probably seen the news that if you set up 'auto top-up' (when you're using the Underground and the balance goes below a fiver, £20 will automagically be extracted from your debit or credit card and put onto the card) then they'll give you £10 off the first payment.

Well, should their website not work properly and the auto top-up fail to be set up – and it has been rather unreliable recently – then it will give you this 50% discount more than once.


Unfortunately, it's just set mine up correctly this time. Poo 🙂

Hmm, tomorrow I'll see what happens if you cancel auto top-up and then ask for it again…

The main drawback, by the way, is that you can only 'collect' the money you've topped up by putting the card on a ticket barrier – i.e. an action you'll be charged for – at an LU station rather than from a ticket machine, or indeed, on a bus.

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