Grrr, I'm less amused when they use one of my addresses for spamming though.

At 9pm, the lovingboth inbox started exploding with bounces and 'your spam has been blocked' messages sent to [random name] @ the .co.uk.

JA's bedtime meant it took about half an hour to notice this, and ensure that all mail to all but a few addresses at the .co.uk goes to /dev/null at the server (i.e. just throw it away).

It's happened before of course – spammers pick random existing domains to fake the 'from' field, so most people get this at some point – but never as bad as this: I got 526 bounce reports in 30 minutes. Ghod knows how many emails were sent out by the spammers.

I remember life before email spam. I wonder if JA will ever experience spam free email.

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