The funny thing is, it works

You're on holiday in Mauritius and there's a problem with the hotel. What do you do? Complain to the manager? Put up with it? Write a bad review somewhere when you get home? Or call the island's President?

The last one is what the person I used to work with did. It helps that she and her husband knows them, but they ended up getting transferred, for free, to the most expensive place there.

Recently, she's been looking for somewhere in London. (They moved out a few years ago to somewhere near the Welsh border and it's too far when they want to stay in London late.) She finds somewhere, but there is competition for the place.

What do you do? Cross your fingers? Offer more money? Or send your CV?

As I said, the funny thing is, it works.

I must watch Society again. The rich really are different…

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