What I did last night

I cycled into work that morning via the day seat queue at the National Theatre. In the evening, I was going to leave the bike at work and get the tube to the NT and take the train home…

Get to Earl's Court at just past 6:30pm – no trains, some sort of power cut. Oh well, I'll cycle. Annoyingly, that means I'll have to fit a plastic bag of stuff on the bike, as I didn't bring my newspaper bag today.

Walk back to work, get changed into my cycling gear, get the bike down the stairs, tape the bag to the bike and open the door at 6:45… it's started seriously pissing down.

Normally, I'd go via the back streets and avoid the fast traffic along the side of the river, but that'd involve some map reading. Sod that – this was a case of getting from A-B asap.

So it was only when I got to the theatre that I discovered how widespread the power cut was. I'm still not sure how much was affected – all the traffic lights were working en route, for example, although that may not have been true at the Waterloo end of the journey when I started out.

As a result of the power cut, the show was delayed by 30 minutes, so as it turns out, I would probably have been able to get the tube – anyone know how quickly it restarted?

Oh, what was the play and what was it like? Despite starring the magnificent Alex Jennings, who's normally much better than Simon Russell Beale, I thought His Girl Friday was pretty bad.

HGF the film is wonderful, by far the best adaptation of The Front Page. TFP with Griff Rhys Jones a couple of years ago was good, so the play is still great, but this adaptation doesn't work nearly as well – they've tried to update and rewrite it in several places with stuff that's neither in the play or the film. This is a minority opinion, mind you, as the most of the rest of the audience were enjoying it.

Go see SRB in Jumpers, also at the NT, instead. Fab.

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