You may have heard the clunk of jaw hitting floor recently

There's this organisation which is well-known in the sex work field. But despite their enviable access to the great and the good, they're… a little out of touch.

Of course, they're doing something on the current government patronisation consultation, 'Paying the Price'.

Hardly any of their members have email – it looks like some don't have a word processor – so because we have a link with them, I've been scanning and OCRing individual members' responses to help them make an organisational one.

One thing a leader of this organisation has written about is convincing buyers of sex that using a condom is necessary.

She's got two reasons she thinks will encourage them.

1) to prevent catching and passing on STD's

Very good… now have a guess what the second one is.

2) if the prostitute is murdered, it may save the buyer from being the first suspect.

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