I program my home computer, beam myself into the… past

Did I miss the posts about Micro Men, the BBC drama about the rivalry between Sinclair Research and Acorn Computers?

I wonder how many complaints they've had about Amstrad CPC's being 'at' the show where they launched the Acorn Atommmmm *.

(And when did Sinclair User start? Ah, 1982 apparently. Ooops. No Camputer around then either, surely. And that's not wire-wrapping, that's soldering.)

It would be interesting to see a drama done on the UK bi community…

(*) The Atom's keyboard 'debounce' didn't work very well, and pressing a key once would often lead to multiple characters appearing on the screen, hence its nickname of 'Atommmmm'. Early TRS-80s had a similar problem, but it was so much easier to call those 'Trash-80s' than TRS-800000s 🙂 and Radio Shack / Tandy did at least release a software fix for the problem.

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