Last month, I took JA to the doctor's for her second MMR jab

We get into the nurse's room, and I get what I can only described as harangued about why she should have had it earlier in her life, why it was so important, why people who didn't have it were stupid etc.

I tell her several times that she's saying this to the wrong person – we're here for the jab – but it goes on for about ten minutes.

Off she goes to consult a colleague, comes back and says that there are going to be three jabs, and gives me the names of the medicines. Plonks something on her desk, turns her back on me, prepares them, turns round, jab, jab, jab, done.

Oh, here are the patient information leaflets for what I've just given her. And can I have your signature for the consent forms for two of them?

Then I get harangued about the importance of the HPV vaccine (something she'll be offered in five or so years time!) I say I know about that and, on the way out, have a short conversation about the differences between the various HPV vaccines. (I'm afraid I know which strains of HPV they do and don't protect against – working in sexual health does that to you.)

Only when I have a chance do I read the leaflets… and it turns out that JA's been given MMR, DipTetPolio+WhoopingCough and Meningitis C.

L's not amused by this, at all. One reason for the 'late' MMR is that she takes a different position on vaccinations, especially of small children, than I do. To have eight at once… it wasn't just JA going ouch that evening. It was particularly annoying to me that the info leaflet for DipTetPolio+WhoopingCough says once you've had the initial ones, it has no known benefit if given within five years of the last one. That's JA…

Given that I had been bounced into this, we made a complaint and we've had the meeting about it this morning.

The phrase they used was 'assumed consent' – they didn't have to tie JA and me down, basically, instead she stood there while she had the jabs – but this is not 'informed consent'. How could it be?

Apparently, I should have read the leaflets while they were on her desk before the jabs. I don't know about you, but I would tend to assume that I'm not supposed to just read anything lying about on a doctor / nurse's desk while their back is turned.

The example I gave was financial misselling – it was as if I'd gone there asking for home insurance and walked out having been bounced into being sold life and car insurance as well. I am glad I did not ROFL when the nurse said that, actually, she had been in financial sales for fourteen years…

Another insight into where she's coming from is that she's within a year of retirement, born and trained in New Zealand, so absolutely from the 'doctor knows best' generations.

She commented that she'd crawl over broken glass to protect a child. Well, on the one hand, yippee, but on another this is not necessarily the best for the patients. It leads to a 'whatever means necessary' attitude. She believes, absolutely, that what she did was best for JA's health. I can see that, but what she's done has reduced the chances of JA getting any more vaccinations!

The other comment was that it had been a 15 minute slot, and it had taken over half an hour. Well, it would have been much better, for everyone, if it had been a 15 minute appointment: 'We're here for the MMR booster', 'Yippee, thank you – jab – have you considered this vaccine and this one too? Have these to read and come back…'

She said proudly that she was still going on training courses about vaccinations: it should be some dealing with properly with people ones.

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