Photowhoa giveaway competition

Photowhoa ( is a site selling discounted photo editing stuff: from programs to plugins, and from overlays to .. something else beginning with O.

I've had a number of things from them (and would have had more, if I didn't already have the software on sale) most recently, the BorisFX Optics program / plugin. This started off at half price, and I was pondering getting it when it then went down another 20% for a few days. Sold!

At the moment, they have a giveaway competition – – with prizes including a year's Adobe licence. Normally, I think renting software is Wrong, but if it is free my scruples disappear for a bit 🙂 Amongst other things, winning the top prize would mean I was able to use Optics as a plugin: something means it doesn't work as a plugin in other programs that can run many Photoshop plugins.

Anyway, it's the usual 'do this, get so many entries, do that, get some more' format and writing about it is one of those things…


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