Ah ha ha ha ha

No, not act two, scene one of Satyagraha, but my reaction to reading a Court of Appeal judgement that's just appeared on bailii.org.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a meeting of people interested in improving the sex lives of people with disabilities. (I noticed two familiar names in the list of 'apologies'!) Speaking at it was a solicitor who specialises in sex work cases. He and I had a polite disagreement over lunch about one particular important aspect of the UK's sex work law.

Since the Sexual Offences Act 2003, I've said, on ex-work's website and elsewhere, that something was the case. He said, no, it wasn't and mentioned an argument to back up his position that I'd never considered.

Eeek – was I… wrong? It's been known to happen 🙂 although very rarely in this field. Would I have to rewrite chunks of various materials? Argh.

But guess who's position the Court of Appeal recently explicitly backed in its entirety?

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