"Back off Warchild, seriously!"

Ah, yes, I didn't mention the Fuzztival earlier, did I?

It was at the Prince Charles Cinema a couple of weekends ago, a (free) day of films that inspired Hot Fuzz (Hard Boiled, The Last Boy Scout and "the most homoerotic film ever", Point Break) plus a live commentary from the director and cast on the film itself.

Director Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are fans at heart and clearly love the ones they lovingly reference ("rip off") and they attracted very full house of an audience like them.

This, dear film distribution companies, is how to promote your film's DVD release properly. Renting the cinema and the films would have cost a few thousand. I bet they made that back in extra DVD sales the next day. I certainly went in thinking I didn't need to buy it, but…

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