Easy activism request

A week ago, someone was murdered in Brighton and their flat set on fire.

Can you spot the problem with the BBC story?

Although it's obviously better than the Daily Heil's "Agony of sex-change prostitute's middle-class family after she is found murdered in her flat" (yeah, that'll help)..

.. it's the 'but' in ".. who had a masters degree but worked as a prostitute .." The implication is that no-one with a brain would do sex work!?

Personally, I'd have put the bit about having a masters with her university history a few paragraphs down *.

I've used the feedback form to complain about this, but it's still being offensive. I used the 'general comment' option, others may want to try 'style, accuracy, grammar' or a complaint…

Oh, and in case you haven't been following the story, someone's been charged with her murder and the arson.

* And resisted the temptation to adapt a Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy joke and say 'with a degree in philosophy and a masters in social and political thought, it was either that or back to the dole queue on Monday…'

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