In other recent cases…

USB TV tuners are liable to import duty rather than ordinary boring components.

Usenet binary group search site Newzbin does infringe copyrights:

I have found that the defendant well knows that it is making available to its premium members infringing copies of films, including the films of the claimants. In summary, the defendant operates a site which is designed and intended to make infringing copies of films readily available to its premium members; the site is structured in such a way as to promote such infringement by guiding the premium members to infringing copies of their choice and then providing them with the means to download those infringing copies by using the NZB facility; the activation of the NZB facility in relation to one of the claimants' copyright films will inevitably result in the production of an infringing copy; the defendant has encouraged and induced its editors to make reports of films protected by copyright, including those of the claimants; the defendant has further assisted its premium members to engage in infringement by giving advice through the sharing forums; the defendant has profited from the infringement; and finally, the claimants are not able to identify particular infringements by particular members only because the defendant keeps no records of the NZB files they have downloaded.

If your holiday of a lifetime is ruined, you will not get much in damages.

A shop selling seeds, hydroponics kit, smoking equipment etc may be inciting people to produce cannabis, even if they'll only talk about growing 'tomatoes'. I suspect calling their site 'weedcity' didn't help…

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