Oh no, I know a fund manager

Reading through the Evening Standard, I come across a name from the past.

There's no picture, but the dates on his online CV add up.

If it is the same one, he was an obnoxious young Liberal member of the Young Liberals from Leamington. He gave me a lift to the special conference in Blackpool that decided to merge with the SoggyDemocrats to form the 'Social Democratic and Liberal Party' (as it was supposed to become).

He ended up doing some of the more poisonous ("Bangladeshi shocker" and all that) campaigns for the LibDems in Tower Hamlets in the early 90s. It was so much fun as well as necessary to do a couple of columns in LibDemNews telling him to stop being racist.

He's now a 'penny shares' tipster (i.e. someone who makes money from telling people to buy shares in tiny companies) and manager of a fund that invests in such shares (i.e. someone who makes money from using other people's money to buy shares in tiny companies).

The Standard piece doesn't mention that it was them he used to work for.

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