Penalty Fare update 2

Well, the appeal was posted, via what the Royal Mail now call 'Recorded Signed Forâ„¢' in the first week of February. It still has not, according to their website's Track and Trace page, been delivered.

This is odd, because they're supposed to return such mail after a week of attempting delivery.

So a complaint has been made to London Travelwatch, following the discovery via a set of their minutes that the particular appeals service is actually based in Portsmouth!

An FOI request to the Department for Transport confirmed that Southeastern never bothered to apply to change their scheme when altering (i.e. reducing in the vast majority of cases) the opening hours of ticket offices and also taking away all Permit to Travel machines from numerous stations.

I reckon they should refund the money to everyone given a penalty fare from affected stations throughout most of 2007…

A look at the FOI requests published on the DfT site also shows someone thinks First Capital Connect have been naughty with their scheme.

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