Probably a good thing that I didn't get to hear about this in time

It turns out that last month, Kraftwerk* played all of their albums*** over eight nights at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It accompanied an exhibition of their art, probably much of it from a series of 3D works seen in Germany last year****, which closed a couple of days ago.

So not least as they've not done this before*****, these were mega hot tickets, particularly as each night was limited to 450 people. What did MoMa do? Limit people to two shows, maximum. Early booking facilities for members also went.

It's not often I agree with Adolf Hitler 🙂 but see YouTube.

* Or what's left of them, i.e. Ralf plus three interchangeable serfs**.

** This is a bit rude about Fritz Hilpert in particular, but come on, Kraftwerk is the classic Ralf, Florian, Karl and Wolfgang line-up. Especially as comparing outputs since he left, it looks like Karl Bartos was the most talented. What we have now is like Paul McCartney claiming it's The Beatles playing one of his concerts and, unlike Ralf, he's got the excuse that half the real band is dead.

*** Or the ones they're prepared to acknowledge anyway, i.e. not Kraftwerk, Kraftwerk 2, or Ralf und Florian.. and what's Organisation?

**** But not by me, unless the issue of Wallpaper magazine which had a section on it counts.

***** As far as I know, there's at least one song from the albums that they've never done live.

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