Sexy moments

I'm quite glad I didn't actually tape this. I'd have been going 'oi, noooo'.

I mean, yes, Basic Instinct (#5). I loved it. I loved it so much that, when I next went to the US, I bought an ice pick.

But the next good one is at #15: Rocky Horror Picture Show. Then we're waiting for #32 Bound, #36 Trainspotting, #38 This Life (UK TV series), #43 Body Heat, #45 Last Tango In Paris, and #47 Secretary in the top 50. That's 8 out of 50.

Beyond that, apart from a couple I'll mention in a moment, there's only #51 Risky Business, #52 The Name Of The Rose (the TV version darkens the sex scene, so you can't see that Slater's willy is definitely flaccid, making it a curious example of censorship making a scene more erotic!), #65 The Avengers – Diana Rigg, yumm, #75 American Gigolo – Richard Gere yumm, and #91 The Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover, curiously the only Greenaway.

So, why so low for..

#55 Don't Look Now – should have been top five for that 'realistic because it was for real' scene,

#76 The Tall Guy – should have been top ten, and not just because I think Emma Thompson is very yummy.

Fascinating to see #48 Debbie Does Dallas as the top 'porn' film, with Caligula and a Mary Millington the only others.

… but the fabulous remake of Cat People is nowhere?? Nastassja Kinski being fucked while tied to a bed? What more do you want?? Malcolm McDowell, John Heard and Annette O'Toole? Yep, all of them are in it too.

I did like the comment for # 92. Jism (2002): "Bollywood's not known for the explicit sexual content of its films, which is why the appearance of Jism on our screens is something of a surprise." Oh dear, oh dear 🙂

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