Two films much better than Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland #2

I suspect I am late to this particular party, but I bought Death List recently.

It is staring, written, directed, filmed, edited, produced, dubbed, and most other things by Ara Paiaya. On one level, it is pretty awful: I'm going to skip lightly over the plot and some of the acting. But with a budget of a thousand pounds or so, it is funnier, shows more imagination and takes more risks than TB's AiW.

Physical risks, certainly, because this is a home-made tribute to the Hong Kong films of the 70s (that, plus not being able to afford decent sound equipment is why everyone is dubbed). Not even the glass being broken is stunt glass – they used real glass, and they break a lot of it.

He's done a series of these micro nano budget films, and I want to see more of them.

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