"Why 'misfits' are picked on"… according to The Sun

They've done a major article and 'The Sun Says' on bullying (they're against it) including a piece by Stephen Twigg, schools minister.

Part of the article includes the 'why' box:

KIDS are bullied for a whole variety of reasons which stop them “fitting in”. Here are some of the main categories which can lead to taunts and violence:

Any kind of DISFIGUREMENT of the skin or face such as birth marks, eczema, severe acne, prominent moles or hare lips.

Having an odd BODY SHAPE, such as being too fat, skinny, short or tall. Dodgy HAIRCUTS, especially old-fashioned styles, ginger hair, headlice and loss of hair because of illness.

Any SPEECH peculiarity such as a stutter, stammer or markedly different accent.

A MEDICAL condition such as asthma or short-sightedness. Kids wearing thick glasses, a brace on their teeth or orthopaedic shoes may be seen as weak.

Children from ETHNIC MINORITIES, foreigners or refugees may be picked on, especially if the school has few other kids from different backgrounds.

The wrong type or make of CLOTHES, particularly trainers, and ill-fitting, second-hand uniform. A lack of talent at SPORT, especially football, and a liking for “geeky” or “sissy” hobbies.

Anything unusual in the FAMILY BACKGROUND, for example if the parents are very poor, can lead to victimisation.

Note the omission of sexual orientation?

Particularly odd given that Stephen's gay.

(Was at http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2004541372,,00.html but pages aren't kept for very long.)

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