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I skim comment spam. Some of it amuses me

I for a long time read your site, but only have now started to write. Responses and themes which I read on it are interesting to me. I can tell, that your site one of the most interesting and good, I read about 20 sites every day, but you remains my to the most favourite.
All who agrees with me, leave the comment in this theme, I shall be glad to answer you it.
But it is not pleasant to me on your site here such here links: medicine with bank check on internet buy soma [spam link!] soma cube buy, they spoil the face of a site, therefore I recommend you to watch cleanliness as it is very good.
Yours faithfully Rum. [spam link]

You've got to love "Fab site, but links like this one spoil it."

Has seen on the Internet a good site. Personally to me has liked.
All that is necessary for soul and in one place. Convenient search.
And who will not look this site, that will be unhappy in current of all year

Almost poetry.

And then there's whose address is used to repeated leave messages saying that 'he' agrees with all of the post. Or not 100% of the post. Or none of the post. No spam links, curiously.

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